Friday 13th September

  • Battle of the Jazz Guitarist - 7:00pm
    USA 2012 - 7 mins
    Mark Columbus


    A son makes a tribute documentary about his father, a once famous jazz guitarist from the Fiji Islands who gave up his career to move to America for the betterment of his family.

    But when the son can't help but to shed some light on some dark areas of their past, the documentary takes humorous, inventive and emotional turns, and gives great insight into the artist father-son relationship, and the crash of the American Dream.

  • The Registrars - 7:10pm
    UK - 2013 - 29 mins
    Jane McAllister

    An intimate insight into the busiest Register House in Scotland.

    Life, death and love pause and flow through marbled halls and infinite paperwork.

    Dedicated staff transition from grief to joy throughout the day as the people's stories resonate with their own lives.
  • Just the way it is - 7:45pm
    Russian Federation 2013 - 13 mins
    Bernadett Tuza-Ritter

    An affectionate portrait of a fragile yet strong Russian woman who behaves like Dostoevsky's lonely hero of the 2ND class on the Trans-Siberian Railway.

    As a carriage attendant, our protagonist travels far, serving hundreds of passengers every day, even although, at heart, she longs for home and clings to distant dreams of being a ballet dancer.

    The journey with her through the frozen Siberian wasteland offers a glimpse into the Russian soul….and human capacity to endure life’s trials.

  • Pouters - 8:00pm
    UK 2012- 17 mins
    Paul Fegan

    Rivals for over 25 years, and with huge pride at stake, Rab and Danny battle it out, on the wing, to become the reigning Doo Fleein champion. A modern day story of abiding commitment and rivalry, of family and friendship, inextricably linked to an underground and idiosyncratic Scottish sport.

  • Ô Divin Bovin  - 8:40pm
    Canada 2013 - 5 mins
    Alexandre Rufin


    'Oh Holy Cow' attempts to capture, directly, the truth and intensity of a particular moment in the daily life of a traditional peasant farmer, Didier, as he assists in the birth of a calf.
  • Home - 8:50pm
    New Zealand 2012 - 4 mins
    Thomas Gleeson

    We often think of houses as solid, strong, permanent things. In fact they can be the opposite. So, what is that makes a house a home? what gives it it's strength?

    'Home' encourages us to ponder these questions as we follow a house, in transit, across some of the most spectacular and challenging landscapes in New Zealand …

  • Pharaoh vs The Egyptians - 9:05pm
    Australia 2012 - 88 mins
    Akmal Saleh


    Egyptian-born, Australian comedian Akmal Saleh returned to Egypt six months after the 2011 revolution to interview activists about their experiences, but what he discovered far outweighed his expectations.

    This film is a documentary outlining the events that led to millions of Egyptians, most of them under the age of thirty, deciding to risk their lives in order to protest against decades of oppression and a brutal regime.

    It explains the role of social media, told by young activists who were instrumental in coordinating the protests, and how the use of the Internet and mobile phones brought millions of people together.

    The honesty and passion of the people Akmal met and interviewed is completely engaging, and all the more poignant given the developments and degeneration of events in Egypt today.



Friday 13th September:

6:00pm: Lyceum Bar and Cafe open
7:00pm: Battle of the Jazz Guitarist
7:10pm: The Registrars
7:45pm: Just the Way it is
8:00pm: Pouters
8:20pm: Interval, Lyceum Bar open for refreshments
8:40pm: O' Divin Bovin
8:50pm: Home
9:05pm: Pharaoh vs the Egyptians