Saturday Matinee 14th September

  • The Film Collector - 2:00pm
    Germany 2012 - 30 mins
    Florian Krautkraemer

    Over a period of more than 50 years, German tax advisor Wolfgang Schneider acquired over 2,000 35-mm film prints, including classic films by Eisenstein and Godard as well as long-forgotten light entertainment, and shorts.

    He screened the films in the basement of his bungalow, which he had converted into a private cinema

    In 2009 Wolfgang Schneider moved into a care home and the house was sold. Due to its vast size, lack of proper classification and precarious condition, the film collection has yet to find a buyer.

    An intriguing insight into the values of an individual collector

  • No Ordinary Passenger - 2:35pm
    UK - 2013 - 7 mins
    Cabell Hopkins

    Stan Dibben won the World Sidecar Championships in 1953. He was the 'passenger' riding the sidecar…a misnomer for the bravery and athleticism required to do such a skillful occupation.

    This affectionate portrait features archive footage of Stan in his racing days, including the biggest event of the year at The Belgian Grand Prix, in 1953, which he won by a wheel's length to be crowned world champion; and confirms this daredevil character’s joie-de vivre and skill. Despite being 87, Stan Dibben still has what it takes to ride out!

  • One Million Squares - 2:45pm
    UK 2013 - 20 mins
    Ruth Grimberg

    Hidden within a quiet English suburban landscape, Marylou, Fay, Florence and Elaine tell stories… funny and impassioned stories they have told before.

    As they tell these stories they knit and sew patchwork blankets for men and women they do not know, and whom we never see…. forgotten communities of Jews struggling to survive extreme poverty and freezing temperatures in Eastern Europe.

    A tenuous thread emerges revealing a depth of feeling for lost connections, which crosses time and place and, like the stories, has no clear beginning or end.

  • Kristin Baybars - 3:25pm
    UK 2013- 8 mins
    Antigone Davaki

    Eighty year old Kristin Baybars, has had items on the shelves of her North London toyshop for more than thirty years.

    Many people will tell you 'that's not the way to run a business', but for her these toys are waiting there, for the right person to come, and discover them.

    And as each toy waits….with Kristin Baybars, it becomes priceless.

  • Notes on Blindness (Rainfall) - 3:35pm
    UK 2012 - 4 mins
    Peter Middleton and James Spinney


    Stepping out into the rain John is captivated by the rich and varied soundscape that envelops him: the water splashing in the blocked gutter, cascading down the wall, rhythmically drumming into the water-soaked lawn.

    For the past five months John has been living in total blindness – restricted to the confines of his body.

    The rain brings depth, detail and contour to his environment - for the first time since losing his sight, he is addressed by the world. He feels alive.
  • Eye on the Sixties - 3:45pm
    USA 2013 - 88 mins
    Chris Szwedo

    EYE ON THE SIXTIES is an intimate portrait of photojournalist Rowland Scherman, and a valuable 'insider' perspective on American history, through this individual photographic record of one of America's most transformational eras. Scherman's candid recollections of the time combine with his famous photographs, offering rare glimpses of celebrities, politicians, and monumental events of the day.

    His memories and experiences offer a fresh viewpoint on the current state of photojournalism, and of technological change.




Saturday Matinee 14th September:

1:00pm: Lyceum Bar and Cafe open
2:00pm: The Film Collector
2:35pm: No Ordinary Passenger
2:45pm: One Million Squares
3:05pm: Interval, Lyceum Bar open for refreshments
3:25pm: Kristin Baybars
3:35pm: Notes on Blindness (Rainfall)
3:45pm: Eye on the Sixties